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Face full of fruits & veggies!!                                                        Face full of processed sugar!!

Art Myers– Health Enthusiasts! Nutritional Coach and now Blogger extraordinaire…..(?)
A notion I often SMH about these day’s- not once in all of my 43yrs of living have I aspired to be any of the aforementioned sort…It wasn’t even close to being a blip on my radar. Me! Writing a blog, I could hardly spell a word that required the use of 5 letters or more, much less concern myself with being grammatically correct. SO I Thank god for spell & grammar check!

So what brought me to this point in my life, were now I feel inspired to embrace the above mentioned titles. Well, in my prior belief system – my health consciousness consisted of: hitting the weights, got a little cardio in, kept the chest swoll (Wait! I don’t think swoll is a word in spell check?) and keeping my abs relatively tight, and for me that represented the picture of pretty decent health. Standing 6ft tall & 200lbs , carrying most of my weight in my chest , back & arms, I just knew I was good money! Glad those feelings are gone, and now I have come to realize, that I was taking the side view mirror approach to examining my health – thinking I was closer to being in good shape than I actually was.

I went through years of lethargy, insomnia , low endurance , I always recall feeling sluggish. But like so many often do – I self-diagnosed while chalking my low energy cycles up to getting older & my hectic work schedule etc. Trying to raise the ante on my endurance levels I dabbled in vitamin cocktails that claimed to boost energy, popped sedatives trying to get a half way decent night’s rest. None of that shit worked. Oh damn I cursed, is that proper blogging etiquette??

Anywho!!! It wasn’t until I stumbled across a video of an herbalist (Dr Sebi) that changed my idea of what good health is and how to achieve it. I was open off of this new found information, the more I read up on it the more I wanted to read and the more I wanted good health.

Well if you say this is what you want art, just reading or watching a YouTube video, isnt going to make it happen, so I said self, it’s time to change your diet!! What you eat, at what time & how often you eat , all factor in greatly in one’s journey to achieving optimal health. Bye bye honey buns! No more twix , snicker bar , bag of BBQ chips & a soda before going to bed. Gave up the turkey bacon, egg and cheese on a roll in the morning ! Did away with the burger & fries for lunch … Began to incorporate some intermittent fasting & healty food choices into my lifestyle and Just like magic, insomnia gone, energy level up, endurance increased, weight dropped, although I didn’t necessarily want to loose any weight , wanted to keep the chest and the guns looking like they was supposed to!!! But sacrificing a little weight to achieve optimal health is something I was more than willing to do. After having experienced the feeling and seeing the results of a healthy dietary lifestyle, there’s just no turning back for me. Nothing has fueled my passion more than becoming as healthy as possible and sharing that with others. Thus “The Art of Good Health” was born. I am embarking upon a journey of good health, that if traveled, I believe will yield longevity, physical and spiritual growth for as long as the creator spares our lives. I implore you to take the journey with me.

Peace & blessings!

The Art of Good Health






5 comments on “About Me

  1. Rett says:

    Enjoyed reading this

  2. Elaine says:

    Food for thoughts.. this realy opened my eyes to rethink my food choices…

  3. ELouise M Moore says:

    Very Motivating and inspiring Thanks! For the food for thought I would be glad to follow you on your journey to greatness!!

  4. Elena says:

    Like I said…..pictures speak louder than words ; LOL Good for you! So glad that you have found yourself in health!

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